* Tuyo Medium size (Smoked/Dried Fish)

  • * Tuyo Medium size  (Smoked/Dried Fish)

Tuyo 6pcs (Smoked/Dried Fish)

     Tuyo is a type of salted dried fish popular in the Philippines. This has a pungent smell although it tastes really good especially when eaten with garlic rice.

     Tuyo refers to salted dried fish (usually herring); this is also known as stockfish in some countries. In the Philippines, tuyo is considered as a poor mans food because of its cheap price – however, this connotation has been expunged over the years since people of different social status learned to love and enjoy it. This can be justified by the different recipes involving tuyo; these ranges from fried tuyo to gourmet pasta with tuyo.

   Tuyo can also be paired with sinigang. Although, most choose to pair champorado with it. It gives a  delightful unique taste is formed when the sweet taste of the porridge mixes with the salty taste of the fish.

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