* Boy Bawang Garlic Flavor 100g

  • * Boy Bawang Garlic Flavor 100g

Boy Bawang Cornick 100g
Assorted Flavors : ORIGINAL GARLIC


     Boy Bawang is famous for its tangy garlic flavor which has been the fore front of their branding. Bawang translates to Garlic in English.


     What is so good about Boy Bawang? It has garlic as its main flavor. Garlic is loved by Filipinos for long as you can date in history. This is the reason why Filipinos have embraced this tasty treat.

     Boy bawang is derived from Filipino street food. In most streets in the Philippines, you can see a lot of food stands selling peanuts, mixed nuts, and cashew nuts: All they have in common is salt and garlic.


     Boy Bawang is the first of its kind, commonly called as cornick, to be packaged and sold in a global market. This is of course the vision of KSK foods. This is the reason why it is so well loved. Most cornick before Boy Bawang were sold in smaller stalls, and sari sari stores. Packaging was limited to smaller distributions to kids that are addicted to buying 1 Peso snacks. Boy Bawang was marketed in malls in several packages, loved by people of all ages.

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